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Certified locations: Sat Veresti, Nr. 27, Comuna Veresti, Judetul Suceava, Romania Podu Iloaiei, DN 28, Jud. Iasi, Romania Str. Palanca, Nr. 2J, Bolintin Vale, Jud. Giurgiu, Romania Str. Paris, Nr.17, Prejmer, Jud. Brasov, Romania Sat Cociu, Comuna Sintereag, Nr.1C, Jud. Bistrita Nasaud, Romania Str. Tisitei, Nr. 1, Loc. Marasesti, Sat Doaga, Jud. Vrancea, Romania Str. Werner Baier, Nr. 1a, Loc Zimandu Nou, Jud Arad, Cod Postal 317425, Romania Str. Interioara, Nr. 5, Lot 1, Localitatea Ovidiu, Jud Constanta, Cod Postal 905900, Romania Str. Tomsa Voda, Nr 140, Loc. Solca, Jud. Suceava, Cod Postal 725600, Romania
Scope of activities: Manufacture of reinforced and unreinforced concrete elements for construction, including small and medium-sized concrete prefabs products, concrete manholes and pipes. Construction works of roads and highways. Assembly of pavers, curbs elements, gutters, side ditches, concrete slabs, wastewater discharge ducts. Construction works of utility projects for fluids. Site preparation works. Wholesale of wood and construction materials and sanitary equipment. Wholesale of other machinery and equipment. Freight transport by road. Engineering activities and related technical consultancy. Demolition works. Architectural activities. Production of concrete poles for overhead power lines - L.E.A. (for location Str. Tisitei Nr. 1 Loc. Marasesti Sat Doaga Jud. Vrancea).
According to standard: ISO 45001:2018
Validity: valid