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Certified locations: AV. EJERCITO NRO 144-A - CUSCO - CUSCO - CUSCO - PERU
Scope of activities: Consulting, Supervision, Execution, Construction, Creation, Improvement, Expansion, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Installation, Conditioning And Maintenance Of Works In The Rural And Urban Area Of: Buildings, Civil, Educational And Health Infrastructure, Schools, Schools, Hospital Centers, Slabs And Sports And / Or Recreational Complexes, Shopping Centers, Parks, Cemeteries, Coliseums, Perimeter Fences, Road Infrastructure, Roads, Bridges, Road Passability A Rigid, Flexible and Cobblestone Pavement Level, Urban Pavements, Runways And Sidewalks, Aerial And Pedestrian Passes, Hydraulic Infrastructures, Retaining Walls, Riparian Defense, Gabions, Earth Movement, Rocking, Drainage, Dams, Channels, Demolition Works, Technical Irrigation, Basic Urban and Rural Sanitation, Irrigation, Sewerage, Dams, Reservoirs, Sanitary Landfills, Electrifications, Metal Structures And Urban Habilitation, Road Management, Maintenance Newspaper and routine of roads, bridges and works of art, studies of geology and geotechnics.
According to standard: ISO 37001:2016
Validity: suspended
Suspended until: 31.10.2023
Reason for suspension: surveillance audit was not conducted due to customer